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          Bangert Gardens


Richard and Karen Bangert are changing, adding to, and modifying the gardens. Below is an abbreviated list of our current projects.

We are installing a pump to move water from the pond to the top of a ravine in the Japanese Garden. A A series of pools and waterfalls are being built which will let the water flow back to the pond. Paths and seating areas will be located along the stream.

The large east slope of the pond has been cleared and we are making paths and flower beds on this 30 degree slope.

We are building cedar benches to put in the Azumaya (Japanese garden viewing structure, right) and other places in the gardens

A third knot garden is being built approximately 30 ft by 15 ft. The various flower beds will be separated by evergreen bushes. To the left is a circular Knot Garden right after it was planted with deciduous bushes. Herbs were planted in the various sections.

Brook and Waterfalls in Japanese Garden

Cedar Benches for the Azumaya and Gardens

Planting of Sloping Ground on East of Pond

A Rectangular Knot Garden is Being Added

Current Project List

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