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10 Nov NoSquint Plus is a Firefox addon that can: Override the default text-only and full- page (both text and images) zoom levels for all websites. 1 May Due to longstanding compatibility issues and lack of the proper time to support the continuing evolution of Firefox, I am very sorry to have to say. Version Released Nov. 10, KiB Works with Firefox for Android and later, Firefox and later. Source code released under GNU Lesser.

NoSquint Plus is a Chrome extension that can: Override the default text-only and full-page (both text and images) zoom levels for all websites Enforce your own. 10 Jun NoSquint Plus is a new add-on for the Firefox and Chrome web browser that is a fork of the very popular but no longer maintained NoSquint. As of today, 7/22, every installed NoSquint has stopped working. Was working fine yesterday, but I noticed it was no longer working just today on a new Win

For many years I have been happily using first no squint, and then no squint plus, but now they are no longer usable, as Firefox is no longer able to show all. NoSquint is a Firefox add-on that allows you to adjust the text-only and full-page zoom levels as well as color settings both globally (for all sites) and per site. April 10, With regret, I must announce that I am stepping down as maintainer of NoSquint. Unfortunately I'm not able to dedicate the time required to keep.


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